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The equipment of Chevrolet Silverado

chevrolet silveradoThe equipment of Chevrolet Silverado is really very luxurious: collision avoidance with automatic evaluation of the effectiveness of braking in real traffic conditions, Silverado tinted headlights, stabilization of the trailer during movement, help when starting on the rise, remote opening side, rear view camera, front and rear parking sensors, and even support for apple services.

The connection is made due to the MyLink system. It has voice control and a large eight-inch touch screen display that responds even to touch gloves. Due to its help the driver can go online and get information about the weather, the nearest gas stations, hotels or just to contact family members or acquaintances.

The upgraded cruise control of Chevrolet Silverado is able to go to lower-and higher speed, and use engine brake. It has a special towing mode of operation of the engine and transmission. As options, Chevrolet Silverado offers remote engine start, navigation system, warning about dangerous rapprochement with another vehicle or an obstacle, and will automatically send a distress signal to the police when if the car gets into an accident.