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The top of five manufacturers of wheel discs.

wheelIt’s hard not to agree with the view that one of the most rather way to make the original external appearance of your car is to install it modern rims with excellent design.

Today we can highlight the following five global manufacturers of motor drives, which offer a variety of models, using its own technology, but, nevertheless, they are very popular:

  1. German BBS, founded in 1970, for more than 44 years old, has become one of the most recognizable companies.
  2. American HRE Weels is on the market for over 30 years. And during that time it has established a wide range of different rims.
  3. Japanese company Enkei for more than 50 years of history, has become one of the world leaders in the production of wheel discs.
  4. Young American company ADV.1 is one of the most promising and most advanced manufacturers that are actively fighting in the automobile market brands.
  5. Japanese company Wald International is famous for an individual approach to wealthy clients.