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How to choose glasses for drivers

To select a quality driving glasses, you need to follow simple principles:

 glasses for drivers

  1. confirm the presence of the polarizing film
    For this purpose there are special signs or pictures that are only visible in polarized glasses. Normally the picture is in the specialized shops of optics or fishing divisions. If such device could not be found, you can use another method: to take two pairs of polarized glasses and rotate lens relative to each other by 90 degrees (it should turn out the similarity of the cross). If the lenses begin to darken, then you have found a quality copy.
  2. refuse atypical lens colors: blue, purple and pink are forbidden. The eyes more tired of these colors.
  3. give up glasses, which change the color of the environment: it can cause the creation of an emergency.
  4. for cloudy weather, mist and twilight is better to use yellow or orange glasses. For bright sunshine – brown or gray. For many drivers, the gray lenses are more comfortable to the eye, but this is purely personal.
  5. choose glasses with plastic lenses: they are easier to wear and safer to emergency situations, when the broken glass can injure eyes.
  6. pay special attention to the rim of glasses and earholders: they shouldn’t reduce the viewing angle. Choose rounded rims with thin earholders.