Blacked out Chrysler 300 SRT8 Design 2008

Okay. All Chrysler 3 owner 2008 SRT a design not the actual SRT 8. This is mine knocks on it. I think. But I. So SRT design has all the features. All except for the big engine so the same all the other features. But not quite the big and it’s kind of club 20 of 7 leader. But it does. It’s got 3 or 40. Horsepower and so forth 30 or something. But it is plenty quick enough. It’s really quick that’s also. That’s a mixture mods on it I guess. Well for growth saw murdered out. One girl went to which wheels. Which I love That sort And Right here. I just had it painted. It was in great shape before as well. But had a few scratches on a light scratches and then I yet salon in about a month ago.

300 SRT8 Design 2008Right now it’s August. 2012. And we had to get a little damaged. So I was able to get the. Car repainted. Through some insurance and. And this had all thing repainted instead of. Parts and Chrysler 300 halo headlights. It’ll lectured by. Here it’s worth it. And it looks perfect. Did a awsome job. We It’s onl. So I mean there. That’s what he does not. The. But it is so awesome car little India 0 here when. Probably a darkened windows a little more. Right now For Florida  It’s at the Max. Tend to your allowed to. However. I do have a passenger that has. I issues with other time that I’m aware of the darker. With that piece of paper so. I probably will black everything you know. But it is also. Clearly the streets are still. Back when you order them from.

Well this is it. Very pleased I For months at a lower. He’s probably right it would make you look pretty darn cool site lowered its just a tad. I’m not sure if I want to do that though. So this is a do nothing. Like 2000 a Chrysler 3 There Sorry Well as our teeny. It just got paid.  Where were you when. If I say so Looks good go miniature works quickly.